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Job Description
Company : Hyperthink Solutions W L L
Job Id : 68fc94
Job Title : Senior Engineer Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)
Job Industry : Construction
Job Location : Qatar
Job Description : 1.Establish Quality Management System (QMS) in O&M Dept and related work procedures as; Quality level II procedures, etc. based on the out lined ORGANIZATION Strategies and rule of Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) Dept. of ORGANIZATION, and work out for their implementation, maintenance and development in O&M Dept. 2.Management representative for QMS as per ISO 9001-2000 (E) requirement. 3.Develop Quality Assurance Policy, Manual, Procedures and ITP for O&M Dept. and monitoring itís proper implementation and effective maintaining. 4.Review Contractorsí Quality Assurance Policy, Manual, Procedures and ITP for O&M Dept. and monitoring itís proper implementation and effective maintaining via contract requirements. 5.Responsible on establishment of Quality Documents (i.e.: quality manual, quality procedures level II, NDT procedures, ITP and) 6.Monitoring & inspection of effected activities on production quality (productions are; maintenance services / TSE & Sludge) in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation fields, as per approved Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) or Area Engineers Requirements. 7.Assessment for External Quality Audit and/or qualification of Manufacturer/Contractors/Vendors. 8.Periodically carry out Internal Quality Auditing the QMS at the all stages of the O&M Dept. 9.Authorize to tracking records in conducting Internal and External Quality Audits. 10.Marking any process variances compared to valid ORGANIZATION / Asset Affairs Regulations, Standards, Procedures, Contractor Contract Terms, etc. and then raise Non Conformity Report (NCR) and follow the case up to finalizing corrective / correction action. 11.Authorized for final resolution of Technical Query (TQ) / Concession Requests (CR) related to any Non conformities. (NCR) 12.Responsible for Quality records (i.e.: Quality dossier ) 13.Authorize to review test certificates for purchased or supplied materials.(MTC) 14.Authorized for releasing quality Certification: (i.e.: Process Quality record (PQR), Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Welder Quality Test (WQT), Final Completion Certificate (FCC), Lab reports, Non Destructive Tests (NDT) reports, Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) reports, Calibration reports and etc.) 15.Final Authorization for Incoming material inspection & following the traceability procedure. 16.Authorized for Final inspection of, for repairs/work orders which required quality release (i.e.: Hydro test) . 17.Design review of related items to QA/QC Dept. referred from Engineering Dept. 18.Coordinating as an indirect link to Asset Affairs QA/QC and ORGANIZATION QSE Dept. a.To ensure uniformity of the related activities, policies and strategies. b.Attending to any QMS Auditing job requisition basics. 19.Access & communication (related to effected items on QMS) with all stages of asset affairs structure. 20.Review of Departments Training requirements, as this issue directly effects to QMS. 21.Investigates complaints from customers for O&M Dept. services as a first line service responder and co-ordinates with the concerned people to solve and take necessities on correction of QMS terms. 22.The QA/QC activities would be managed on STW Plant by STW QA/QC Engineer of STW Plant as per mentioned in his scope of work and cooperate with Senior QA/QC Engineer. 23.Managing the related QA/QC contractors and coordination to obtain work permits for their activities through safety. 24.Cooperate with safety. 25.Conduct QMS review meeting and report suitability, effectiveness and performance of QMS based on quality objectives with suggestion aspects for improvements (if any). 26.Reports periodically and accurately technical and financial results to Manager of O&M Dept.
Employment Status : No preference
Employment Type : No preference
Monthly Salary Range : $
Start Date :
Career Level : Student/Internship
Years of Experience : 10
Skills : 1.First class Graduation in engineering from recognized University. 2.Preferably holding Graduation certificate verification, from a known Authorized graduation verifier association i.e. CCPE 3.Membership of a known engineering association/organization. i.e. ASME 4.Member of a Professional Engineering Body i.e. International Registered Certified Auditors (IRCA), American Society of Non destructive Test (ASNT) 5.Holding valid certification as Senior Auditor on QMS ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14000 as per IRCA syllabus or equivalent. 6.Preferably Holding valid certification as Level II and above for RT, UT, MPI, DPI, Vibration as per ASNT syllabus or equivalent. 7.Knowledge of principals of capital improvement and contract administration. 8.Minimum of 10 years experience on QA/QC Industrial / Construction filed. Preferably in sewerage / waste water / water related field.
Residence Location :
Gender : No preference
Nationality :
Education :
Degree :
Contact Info : Confidential


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