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Job Description
Company : Hyperthink Solutions W L L
Job Id : c1e093
Job Title : Senior Safety Engineer
Job Industry : Construction
Job Location :
Job Description : 1.Establish the Department's "Safety and Health Policy", "Safety Manual" and related work procedures as; risk assessment, permit etc. based on the out lined ORGANIZATION Strategies and rule of Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) Dept. of ORGANIZATION, and work out for their implementation, maintenance and development in O&M Dept. 2.Develop and maintain the annual budget for safety and safety training and hands on cost control. 3.Ordering of all safety related items for O&M Dept. use. 4.Verifies, checks and ensures that facilities, machinery and safety equipments are in working condition and meeting the Safety regulations of Organization. 5.Liaises with the Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) Department to ensure awareness of ORGANIZATION safety regulations and standards and implement them accordingly within the O&M Dept. 6.Supervision of Safety of; works and safety of work environment and to witness that systemic safety of working people, Equipment and the plants are ensured within O&M Dept. staff or O&M Dept. contractors, and notify the variances to the concerned people on site and on time. NOTE: Practice Safely is sole responsibility of Heads of Division. 7.Authorized to immediately halt work activities if deemed unsafe. 8.Perform regular Safety Audits, and provide recommendations on corrective actions; 9.Creates and enhances Safety culture; with safety posters/bulletin, and promotes team building with all employees through training, workshops, supervisor guidance and continual communication/advice among all employees. 10.Develops, conducts or arranges the various safety related training classes in such areas as confined space entry, personal protective equipment, safety regulations, safe work along H2S/Chlorine Gas, operation of breathing apparatus, and other related safety topics, and maintains their records. 11.Authorized to issue various permits (entry, shutdown, over pumping and dewatering) as per Department's permit procedure. 12.Investigates causes of industrial accidents or injuries and develops solutions to minimize or prevent recurrence. Liaises with QSE Dept. to ensure the organization is aware of accidents and appropriate corrective action is implemented. 13.Conducts plant or area survey to determine safety levels for exposure to materials and conditions. 14.Conducts regular monitoring/measuring of Hazardous Gases level (i.e. H2S, Chlorine and etc.) on filed of activities of O&M Department to determine safety levels for exposure to operation, with maintaining records.
Employment Status : No preference
Employment Type : No preference
Monthly Salary Range : $
Start Date :
Career Level : Student/Internship
Years of Experience : 10
Skills : 1.Graduation level of; Engineering / Health / Environmental from recognized University. 2.Membership of a known safety association i.e.: NIBOSH 3.Holding valid certificates in: First Aids / Hazardous Assessment / environmental protection as ISO 18000 or equivalent 4.Minimum15 years of Industrial experience preferably on Operation and maintenance Drainage Systems / Sewage Treatment Plants.
Residence Location :
Gender : No preference
Nationality :
Education :
Degree :
Contact Info : Confidential


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